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Use "zonal statistics as table" and not "zonal statistics" if you want a table as output. The resulting table will be visible when you set your table of content to "listing by source". Then you can use Table to Excel.


In ArcMap, you can export any table of attribute data to a separate table. Right-click on the feature of interest (your Zonal Statistics output, in this case), and select "Open Attribute Table." In the table view, click the Table Options button (top left-most button) and find "Export..." and then you'll be able to export just the table of data. Once you ...


the equation that you are pointing to seems to be correct. (degree + minutes/60 + seconds/3600). The error could come from a wrong datum. Data from a GPS are usually in WGS 84, but some GPS make an internal conversion into a local datum. Checking the datum is thus the first thing to do. Also note that ArcGIS is projecting on the fly, but it is not applyig ...


You need spatial informations to obtain spatial data: the excel file doesn't contain any spatial informations, as you said. The spatial informations should be contained in the starting xls file to get a shape file as result.


You need a unique field between your shapefile and your excel spreadsheet. This is done using a Join in QGIS, done from the Joins tab from a layers properties, a bit dated guide but functional: http://maps.cga.harvard.edu/qgis/wkshop/join_csv.php Although based on the question I think you will need to either split your single line into the segments ...


You could preprocess your data with a python script like the following: import re f = open("radwx_sample.csv","r") # read file header header = f.readline() header_fields = header.split(",") lat = header_fields[4].strip() lon = header_fields[5].strip() hgt = header_fields[6].strip() print("llh: %s %s %s" % (lat,lon,hgt)) # next line is csv data header ...


It depends on how you are adding the data from Excel. If you are importing your data as a Delimited Text layer, there is a little check box on the 'Create Layer from a delimited Text File' dialog box (under layer settings) called Watch File. Check this box and it makes QGIS watch for changes in the file. In other words, as you add and save data in the ...

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