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I worked through the problem and found a solution. I also revised the code to copy ALL feature classes in the WATER dataset, instead of listing each one individually. # Name: BackupGDB.py # Description: Create a file GDB # Import system modules import arcpy from arcpy import env # WAS MISSING IN ORIGINAL POST import datetime out_folder_path = ...


Have a look at the overwriteOutput property. Also check out this post.


First, feature classes don't have symbology attributes. Symbology is attributed to layers in ArcGIS. When you add a feature class to a table of contents in ArcMap, a layer is created, though not saved anywhere as a .lyr file. If you are having your users add a feature class to ArcMap that they then symbolize as desired, below is the way of saving that ...


First, let it be known there are a number of ways someone could go about accomplishing roughly the same goal in this case. For me personally, especially for someone less experienced with arcpy, it would likely be simplest to do roughly the following workflow Convert the CSV file to Table in GDB Join the Table to Point Feature Class Make Feature Layer ...

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