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You can do this using the Calculate Value tool to modify the "Name" string variable to replace spaces with underscores. When you are saving the Spatial Join feature class output, you can then use inline variable substitution: C:\gisworkspace\WORKSPACE\testing_workspace\%output_value%.shp ....where 'output_value' is the output name from the Calculate value ...


With Python, you can use arcpy.ListDatasets to create an object to loop through all the features in your file geodatabase, setting the workspace to the geodatabase first. Then, for each feature use arcpy.MakeTableView_management to create a table view that can then be used by arcpy.TableToExcel_conversion to export the tables to Excel. All of these ...


The easiest way to do this would be to use the arcpy.ValidateTableName(fc, out_workspace) function, which will automatically convert any invalid characters (like spaces) into valid characters (underscores).


When moving your features manually, right-click your layer -> Edit Features -> Start editing (if you can click continue on all messages appearing you are good). Then you select the feature(s) that you want to move, and move them with the arrow from the Editor toolbar (regular arrow won't do it!). You can resize polygons with the Buffer function on the ...

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