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Yes, use the integrate tool but make a backup copy of your data since this tool will alter the geometry. For example, if you have a polygon smaller than the tolerance the polygon will collapse.


It is pretty simple actually, you just need to iterate through the features of the geojson structure once you have got it in a dictionary format (like from the json.load() function). I don't work with GeoServer WFS services, but I did find a json example online. The first shows just how to iterate through the json and get an arcpy.Geometry object back. ...


If the service is registered with OpenData, the service's OpenData page will allow you to download the data in a variety of different formats including Shapefiles. Another way to do this would be to query all the features and save the resulting JSON (see sample JavaScript code), then use the JSON to Features geoprocessing tool tool to create a feature class....

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