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A .pkinfo file is an xml file that hold the Arcgis online unique map id hash. For example, this AGOL map has the id 2f382d5fcdb748deba89e6104b59551d The Open in Arcgis Desktop option downloads a pkinfo file locally, and this is what it reads: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?><pkinfo><ID>...


For those using the node-gdal bindings for Node.js: const gdal = require('gdal'); const extensions = []; gdal.drivers.forEach(driver => { const exts = driver.getMetadata().DMD_EXTENSIONS; if (exts) { exts.split(' ').forEach(ext => extensions.push(ext)); } });


Most simply - because EVERYTHING can read/write a shapefile and by and large they work. Which makes them frustratingly universal when working with multiple software packages (ESRI/QGIS/AutoCad/etc). They're everywhere, and the name has been genericized from a specific file format to a term reflecting ALL spatial data. (I have definitely asked clients ...

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