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You do not say what resolution of data you are looking for. The obvious place to look for UK data is the OS, our national mapping agency! They now offer free data called OS Terrain 50. I you are looking for higher resolution data for the UK and have money to spend then I suggest you look at NEXTMap


What type of habitats need to be typed? BioBase (www.cibiobase.com) generates GIS grid (kriging) outputs (depth, submerged vegetation, and bottom hardness) for the downlooking 200 khz broadband channel which is often recorded in .sl2 files. If the investigator can navigate over the area of interest, BioBase will automate the processing of high resolution ...


KML lacks support for projections. All data must be in lat/long using the WGS 84 datum. That can make it a pain to use as a data transfer format. It's worth taking a look at GeoPackage. It's a relatively new spec, but there are already a number of implementations out there. It's a single file (SQLite DB, supports all sorts of projections, and doesn't have ...


If you are looking for a free software there are several that can do that however I don't know how can they handle the CPC imagine files but ENVI 5.1 can open it and can read img files if that is what you are looking for. ENVI is not free but is another good software to have around. I have ERDAS, ArcGIS 10.1 and ENVI 5.0 and they all can open and read it. ...


The software to choose depends on your objectives. For GIS purpose, QGIS is great. It includes many toolboxes for spatial analysis. It is an open source alternative to ArcGIS. For image processing, you can use Monteverdi. Monteverdi is particularly usefull if you have very large images. It is an open source alternative to Erdas.


7zip is also able to open img files. It also gives the option to extract them.


GDAL supports .img format, both the basic Imagine and the extended Imagine (greater than 2GB), thus any software that utilizes GDAL drivers would support ERDAS Imagine. The most workable and well documented that I have seen is QGIS. It is also open source and therefore free.

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