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Since you have FME, I recommend using the PolylineAnalyzer which is a custom transformer you can download for free within FME. This will measure the angle of your line segments, and the angle at vertices. Because this is a custom transformer, there's not much documentation, but the help says the following: Takes polylines and polygons and analyzes ...


Is Python an option? If so, you could calculate the difference between two points (p1 and p2) where p1 is the intersection point and p2 is the endpoint of the first line segment. // Begin Pseudocode xDelta = p2.X - p1.X yDelta = p2.Y - p1.Y angleInDegrees = Atan2(yDelta, xDelta) * (180/Pi) // End Pseudocode Examples of this type of ...


I use Geo Wizards for this. The point angle position tool has output like this... But it is not free. Outputs: A new Point feature class. The attribute table of the resulting feature class will have three new fields [ET_Angle] the angle of the closest segment of the closest to the point polyline. The angle is in ...


In addition to @Ryan Garnett answer, you can convert the VRT file to BIGTIFF using gdal_translate if you absolutely need a unique file (this is often not necessary as most software can read vrt's). Just make sure that you use gdal_translate -co BIGTIFF=YES -co TILED=YES source.vrt result.tif if your tif exceed 4 Go


not familiar with FME - but a search turned up some code that basically said # echo log file to stdout logFile = open(logFilename, 'r') for line in logFile.readlines(): print line from here. So what @mapperz may be alluding to is creating a log file - then grabbing the output and writing to the console.


General issues with the licence server caused the problem. After they were fixed, the error message did not turn up again.

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