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Whenever you start talking about "stretching" features in FME, two transformers comes to mind - the AffineWarper and the RubberSheeter. Affine Warper Performs warping operations on the spatial coordinates of features. It is used to adjust a set of observed features so they more closely match some set of reference features. This transformer computes ...


There is a GeoProcessing tool called Compact that will compact file or personal geodatabases and can be used within a model or called by an arcpy script.


We also built the AttributeExploder for this type of purpose. But since you want the "type" kept, you'd need to ask it to explode but also keep the original attributes on each of the "exploded" features that are output. Check out the attached for inspiration. I did get the table you want output shown in my Inspector after running. There are some additional ...


Another possibility comes to mind which will work through the problem of non-square campuses that appears in my first answer. Feed your campus polygon into the Chopper, and again set to keep only 2 vertices. Turn these vertices into points that are half-way down the line. I'd suggest using the Snipper for Distance (Percentage) and 50%. You now have a set ...


Note: It's not the Orientation you want, but the relative position within the campus. The answer is: Yes but it's difficult. Below is a general overview of how you might do it. Take the campus polygon and run it through the BoundingBoxReplacer. You don't need it as an Oriented Bounding Box if you only want North/South/East/West. (Orientation will make ...


You can publish to fme store. This would allow other fme users to directly access the workbench. Safe also has their own github. So the short answer is yes. But using your own other users would not have a way to discover you as easily as if you use the Safe methods.

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