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You can pull this out of the DBs that ship with GeoTools as well. There is a method on CRS for it whose name escapes me but should be obvious.


You can download the EPSG data from http://www.epsg.org/DownloadDataset after you register. No cost to register, and no delay between registration and download. There are two formats that might be useful - a set of PostgreSQL scripts (also other databases, but PostgreSQL is the one I checked) that insert data, so you can do a query of the epsg_area table. ...


Download the MS Access database and/or the polygon shapefiles from the EPSG Geodetic Dataset Registry (upper right, "export registry"). You do have to register, but we don't spam or sell the list of registered users. The MS Access database contains the rectangular extent areas of use only. Or you can download the files from the OGP website, same login ...

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