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TatukGIS Coordinate Calculator (CALC)", I have been using this for converting the coordinates of a point between coordinate systems.


Use the plugin QGIS2leaf for QGIS. The plugin exports a portable leaflet map. This is basically a html-file. Your data will be in a separate data-folder, and the necessary libraries, css, etc also saved alongside. You can place the main file (index.html) and the associated files on a file share or on a intranet. The latter depends a bit on how the hosting ...


Old thread but worth mentioning it. http://www.tigergeocoder.com/ using TIGER 2013 data, ready to run your own server instance in Amazon EC2 cloud.


HDFview is geared for use with satellite data or climate model output that often comes in hierarchical data formats or netcdfs, but it's one of those things like a good text editor (ex. notepad++ or vim), where once you come across certain file types you need this tool to get a first look at them and understand how things are structured. It's not really ...

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