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Firstly - this is an excellent question (+1). As a freelancer, I wish I had had this information when I started out! Secondly - YIKES! Translating that rate into sterling is frightening. GIS professionals must be ten a penny in the US is all I can say if that it the limit of your earning expectations. Third (and a more serious commentary expanding on ...


It really depends on what kind of work you are doing and the client you are doing it for. What you do matters: A freelance GIS Developer like Kirk Kuykendall is going to make a lot more per hour as a GIS Developer with a very specialized skillset than someone who is just digitizing a few thousand points or lines (technician level work) in a GIS. Who you ...


I think you're actually talking about contracting. Most companies realise that if they are not in the GIS arena, they only need to hire in expertise on a contract by contract basis. I started off in life doing this, and now run a consultancy providing this very service. If you are looking for contracting, then a good starting point is contractoruk, which ...


An hourly pay for a cartographer is of course not equivalent to what the same person with the same skill level would charge as a freelancer. @Conor sugested $70-125 USD. That sounds about right on the low to medium end even here in Canada but could be more for highly specialized tasks such as specialized analysis and development work. This does not mean ...


Network, network, network. Develop relationships with anyone remotely near your line of work. You have to be willing to put yourself out there and meet people and network. Look into BNI and see if there is a local chapter in your area. As others have suggested, get on LinkedIn if you haven't already. Contact old bosses, coworkers, business partners, friends, ...


Good answers, I am inclined to think I will be looking for contractors / project workers for GIS, so this is very interesting. At the moment I am developing a web project (no GIS yet) and think my experience with Elance is worth noting. Elance certainly has a number of workers available. There is an accreditation system and access to profiles, past jobs ...


The US has a reputation for being more litigious, so I'd expect insurance to cost less else-where. Here's what I pay in Texas: Insurer Quoted: ACE; AM Best Rating of A+ (Superior); Size XV Coverage Amount - $ 1,000,000 Per Occurrence $ 1,000,000 Annual Aggregate $ 2,500 Deductible $850.00 Annual Premium For this, covered events are: Negligent ...


I can only offer a completely unscientific assessment of what I personally see as a freelancer in the UK, which may be completely unrepresentative (and I would be most interested in the replies of other freelancers on the forum). So, in descending order starting with the most common: Programming (C# and .NET especially and surprisingly little Python) Web ...


Request for Proposal (RFP) is a common way for consultants to find contracts to bid on. Here are a couple RFP GIS sites. Government Bids.com GIS User.com


Here is a couple Twitter Examples http://twitter.com/#!/search/gis%20consultant http://twitter.com/#!/search/gis%20contract [#map #mapping #gis hashtags can be very useful.] Top tip: Search around a city (New York limited by 10km radius for GIS) http://twitter.com/#!/search/realtime/near%3ANYC%20within%3A10km%20%23GIS


Skype does screen sharing and has widespread deployment outside of techie culture. My deliverables are usually code, not data, but it has come in handy a couple of times to troubleshoot/teach. Also, MSN has "remote assistance" built in. And finally, there's a heap of screen sharing services out there -- others are giving better answers than me with regards ...


Putting a shingle up on linkedin is one way. linkedin


Webex and Filezilla Server for sFTP (with files compressed jZip) http://www.webex.com/howto/index.html (The 'Host' can give control to users to their desktop/applications and it quicky solves issues - good for Demo's) http://filezilla-project.org/ http://www.jzip.com/ *Fast Broadband 15Mbps+ (or faster) helps deliver large files fast.


I've used ReadyTalk, which has per-minute pricing.


Doesn't LogMeIn solve your problems? LogMeIn has a free version where you can "take over" and be the pilot.


I found TeamViewer to be a really good way to allow me to log into clients computers remotely when they needed "hands-on" training, even though I might be hundreds of miles away. Its free for personal use. Review @download.com Corporate website


Excellent suggestions so far, especially Skype (gmail now offers filesharing, screen sharing, and some other tidbits, though I've found gmail glitchy with more than one user, like a conference with 3 or more people sharing screens, documents, files etc)! One thing I always try first for delivery is a Torrent! particularly, Utorrent. On the delivery side, ...


I know the post is old, but as the originator I feel it's legitimate to bump it in order to provide a somewhat belated follow-up for the benefit of anybody else going down the freelance route who might find this post in a search. This will be mostly of use to UK people. After getting confused in the realms of insurance, company tax and much else besides I ...


To place job advertisements on the Stack Exchange network you can use Stack Overflow Careers on which a search by GIS should turn up some jobs. Although jobs are not mentioned specifically, the GIS Stack Exchange policy on advertising generally is: If a large percentage of your posts include a mention of your product or website, you're probably here ...


UltraVNC Single Click http://www.uvnc.com/addons/singleclick.html You have to configure your router but usually works pretty well. You just need to run vncviewer in listen mode to receive the incoming connection: vncviewer.exe -listen


Here at Latitude we use GoToAssist, which is very similar to GoToMeeting: Made by Citrix, so corporate IT departments aren't offended by it Client-side installer is a java applet that unfolds itself (escalating its own privileges, once the client has approved) Client-side program uninstalls itself on exit Gives you (the technician) immediate control over ...


I am quiete amazed not to see in the list software project management and tracking tools like Trac or Redmine, actually used by most successful open source projects. I find them invaluable, any software developer or team should seriously consider to use one of them (together with a SCM) in the workflow they adopt.

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