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Maptiler can do that for you, turning your QGIS maps into map tiles that can be used to set up a tile layer in your MapView view. It's not the cheapest option, but it's the easiest I've seen so far. You need to export your map as a huge image. The image is automatically saved with location information (in a separate .jpgw or .tifw file) showing the ...


ArcMap 10.x has a tool for creating KML files directly. The kmz files created by the Map to KML tool in ArcMap 10 can be opened in Google Earth but do NOT work directly on Garmin GPS units. This is because the image format required by Garmin is JPG, and the image saved in the KMZ file is a PNG. A workaround: Create your map document, then run the Map to ...


It is possible. First you need to convert the .img files to a .mp format. A good tool for this procedure is MapEdit. Separate each symbol to its own .mp file. Then you can convert the .mp file to .shp

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