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I was able to get the correct output by adding the following options to my gdalwarp command: -wo sample_grid=yes, -wo sample_steps=1000, -wo source_extra=2 -wo CUTLINE_ALL_TOUCHED=true -r cubic Thank you user30184 for pointing these out!


I guess you have to swap the coordinates. It should be longitude latitude order. 45°E is not within UTM 32N (and within the extent of your source file), but 10°E will be. Apart from that, the manpage says: -te xmin ymin xmax ymax: set georeferenced extents of output file to be created (in target SRS by default, or in the SRS specified with -te_srs) ...


It's possible to do this conversion with gdalwarp(i think), but it would be way easier to do it using cs2cs cat ~/Desktop/coords.csv| sed 's/,/ /' | cs2cs +init=epsg:26912 +to +init=epsg:4326 -f '%.6f'


You can use cs2cs (part of the proj4 project). You an also load them into QGIS and "Save As" to another coordinate system.

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