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So perhaps you can 1) create a line ID per line then 2) split lines at each point feature then 3) generalize those lines then 4) dissolve the lines together based on the line ID from step 1?


The Java Topology Suite includes a TopologyPreservingSimplifier. The code does not include a reference for the implementation, beyond stating that it operates in a similar manner to Douglas-Peucker, with additional constraints on altering the topology. This functionality has made it into the Java-to-C++ translation of JTS, libgeos, which is further ...


A russian mapper has made a tool for road network generalization, but it has three drawbacks: It's in Visual Basic. It reads and produces .mp files made with osm2mp. Documentation is in Russian. Sadly, @Mapper is right: there is no such general-purpose solution not only for OpenStreetMap data, but in general, for any open geodata format.


AFAIK there is currently no ready to use solution to generalize a (per lane) roadnetwork and reduce the complexity.

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