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Correct. That functionality is not part of ArcGIS Pro. Among others. Link to tools that are not available in Pro.


According to the List of Tools not available in ArcGIS Pro "collapse dual lines to center line" was not brought over to ArcGIS Pro. I am not sure how to combine the lines. You could try to merge and dissolve the lines with a common field. Or you could delete one of the lines and take an off-center line as the represented line. ArcGIS Pro is a step forward in ...


For an FME solution, the most useful transformer would probably be the Generalizer. It has several algorithms grouped into four types. Here's a list of algorithms: From the documentation: Generalizing algorithms: Reduce the density of coordinates by removing vertices. Smoothing algorithms: Determine a new location for each vertex. ...


Take a look at these tools: Generalize (Editing) or Simplify Polygon (Cartography) Input your features, and an optional tolerance.

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