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I think there's a couple of things going on here. Firstly you need to have a valid what3words API key and either define this as an environment variable called W3W_API_KEY or pass it as the "key" parameter. Secondly, what3words isn't defined as a module by the geocoder, it's the w3w method on the geocoder module that you'll need to invoke. Finally, ...


You could try using the Google Maps geocoding API ( It works well, but there's a limit to 2,500 geocodes per user per day. Here's a function to help geocode using Google. If you go over the daily query limit, or over the per second limit of 10 per second you'll get an error message instead ...


If you are working with US data then the Tiger Geocoder runs on Linux... see this link


Mapzen has a really cool geocoding service that allows you to query the name of the place to get an XY coordinate. ( You can get a free API key from their developers page which will allow you to make 30,000 queries per day at 6 per second. ( Here's a function that will return the XY ...


You can use the geotext python library for the same. pip install geotext all it takes is to install this library. The usage is as simple as: from geotext import GeoText places = GeoText("London is a great city") places.cities gives the result 'London' The list of cities covered in this library is not extensive but it has a good list.

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