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Yes, you may use this site for batch processing: Batch Conversions of Latitude/Longitude to Address (Reverse Geocoding) 46.7270,2.5059 = Rue des Varennes, Saint-Amand-Montrond, Cher, Centre, Metropolitan France, 18200, France This site uses MapQuest reverse geocode service. You will have to apply some additional logic to parse out the city/town name ...


Yes, the results are always sorted by importance according to the code. Consequently limiting the search to one result will return the address with the highest importance.


What you need to do is a spatial join on the lat/long coordinates and the french postal zones Here is the tutorial http://www.qgistutorials.com/en/docs/performing_spatial_joins.html The GIS DATA... postal zones can be found on this website https://www.data.gouv.fr/en/datasets/correspondances-code-insee-code-postal-idf/ Hope this helps!!


Check if the data loaded successfully (sometimes a lot of census FTP dowloads fail and the load will continue. You won't know unless you captured that error log and check it). I just ran this query and geocodes perfectly using TIGER 2013. SELECT g.rating, ST_X(g.geomout) As lon, ST_Y(g.geomout) As lat, (addy).address As stno, (addy).streetname As street, ...

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