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[I'm guessing based on available information]: Your problem is with what you're passing in when running it in a an IDE (outside the app) try: arcpy.geocoder_geocoder('gc_01', 'J:/Postal/Postal/99_Geocode/01/composites/composite_1', 'J:/Postal/Postal/99_Geocode/01/composites/composite_2', ...


Please have a look at the second example in here. Most probably your question is related to finding the right term here, which is inline variable substitution.


Follow these steps: Download a us counties shapefile. Here's one that will work. Import the zipped UScounties file into CartoDB as a new table. Change the fips column's data type to number. (click on the word 'string' right below 'fips' and select number). Click the merge tables button on the right side of the tool bar when you are in data view. Choose ...


For a line feature class for streets you can only use geocoding ranges, and the point along the street will be only an approximate address based on an interpolation of the house number between the range end points, rarely an exact address (unless you are lucky). That is because houses never are distributed exactly spaced at the same distance on every ...


The geopy module is quick and easy for tasks such as this. Straight from the docs: >>> from geopy.geocoders import Nominatim >>> geolocator = Nominatim() >>> location = geolocator.geocode("175 5th Avenue NYC") >>> print(location.address) Flatiron Building, 175, 5th Avenue, Flatiron, New York, NYC, New York, ... ...


AFAIK there is (currently) no such lib https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Frameworks

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