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If you look at the source for getGeodesicArea, which is actually in the LinearRing class, you will will see from the comments (and the code) that this calculates an approximate area based on a sphere. If you look at GeographicLib, which includes a Javascript port of the C++ library, you will see that they use ellipsoidal calculations, which will be more ...


The geodesic area for your example is 19518154994956.3 m² (using GeographicLib). E.g.: var points = [ {lat: 0, lon: 50}, {lat: -5, lon: -60}, {lat: -30, lon: -30} ]; var p = GeographicLib.PolygonArea; var result = p.Area(GeographicLib.Geodesic.WGS84, points, false); var area = result.area; // 19518154994956.285 Here are multiple ...

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