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There are some methods to calculate geodesic distances such as the haversine formula and Vincenty's formulae. These formulae are commonly used. The inverse Vincenty distance formula is the more accurate method to calculate the geodesic distance and is used in Google Maps, but it is slow.


I am afraid that the answer is no: what you mean to do is correct but it will not work like this in ArcGIS with Near. From the help, you can read that : The distances calculated by this tool are in the unit of the coordinate system of the input features. If your input is in a geographic coordinate system and you want output distances to be ...


No, if using the ArcGIS "Near" tool because, even if the coordinate system is geographic/geodetic, it does not calculate geodesic distances; it merely treats those geographic coordinates as though they were projected and thus gives results that cannot be compared across the US. Yes, if you correctly calculate geodesic distances using geographic ...

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