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Without knowing the projection, or datum of the monuments, the only way to transform them correctly would be through a great deal of trial, and error. Given the latitude of the area you are in, the Northing is too small to be in UTM meters, or feet, unless the first digit of the coordinate has been removed for space saving. Knowing where the monuments are ...


On Geodesy: Geodesy, 3rd edition, W Torge. de Gruyter, 2011. Geodesy, the concepts, 2nd edition, P Vaníček & EJ Krakiwsky. Elsevier Science, 1987. Geodesy, 4th edition, G Bomford. Clarendon Press, 1980. On Projections: Map Projections: A Working Manual, JP Snyder. USGS, 1987. Map Projections and Geodetic Coordinate Systems, Lecture notes, F Krumm, ...

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