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Projection, called WGS 84 is defined under EPSG code 4326. World projected with this projection looks like this: This projection is based on ellipsoid WGS 84, which defines the coordinate system that is also called WGS 84


So there are two pieces to what someone might call a Coordinate System The first is a Geographic Coordinate System or GCS, which is what WGS84 falls under. The definition given by ESRI states that a GCS uses a three-dimensional spherical surface to define locations on the earth. Basically, a GCS is used to define your real world points on a 3 dimensional ...


From mkennedy, the answer: "it's NAD 27 state plane zone, so already in US survey feet . . . I used US NGS programs to look up the state plane zone, then to test converting the xy points to lat/lon."


You might probably need to convert your geodetics from WGS UTM30 into web mercator auxiliary sphere (EPG 900913). That should do the trick! Hope it helps!

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