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Expanding on my comment: Mapfish Print versus GeoServer Print module The MapFish Print Module is basically the exact same thing as the GeoServer printing module. In fact, the later is built from the former (the 2.4.x ad 2.5.x modulees is built from mapfish print 1.8. The 2.6 release will include MFP 2.0). At this stage you won't gain much of anything by ...


No, GeoExt 2.0.2 (https://github.com/geoext/geoext2/releases/tag/v2.0.2, released two days ago) isn't compatible with ExtJS 5. There is ongoing work towards a version of GeoExt2 which does suppport ExtJS 5: https://github.com/geoext/geoext2/pull/274 You may be able to use the intermediate code in that branch to see if it helps with the popup, but again, it ...


Make sure you have queryable: true in your layer config.

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