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Images are accessed externally, therefore one has to create their own storage locally with picture so that they can be easily accessed.


A common reason for such an error is the Same-Origin-Policy. If your Webserver is serving on Port 80 and Geoserver on Port 8080 for example then your request can be blocked because of a violation of the Same Origin Policy. If that's the reason in your case just add a proxy.cgi, adapt it to your needs (correct settings/path for the python shebang, add ...


You could try to check if the Layer is loaded the first time: var first_time=true; var HSlay06 = new OpenLayers.Layer.MapServer('Human Settlement 2006', "http://localhost/cgi-bin/mapserv?map=/var/www/html/mapfile/Human_Settlement2006.map", { map: "/var/www/html/mapfile/Huma_Settlement2006.map" }, ...


If you want to use OpenLayers 3 with Ext JS 6 you should have a look at https://github.com/KaiVolland/geoext3. It will be merged into https://github.com/geoext/geoext3 in about two weeks. Even if you don't want to use GeoExt 3 itself, you could use some code of the GeoExt.panel.Map and GeoExt.panel.MapController. The most interesting part might be the ...

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