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Try taking a look at the SRTM (Shuttle Radar Topography Mission) elevation data - global 30m coverage. Earth Explorer has a shapefile download of SRTM water body data.


Further to Russell's Answer It's unfortunate that you have you locations stored in the wrong data type. The easiest way to get an accurate distance between your is to cast the geometries as geographies. You will need to confirm the the Lat is stored in the Y and the Long is stored in the X of the geometry, otherwise you will most likely end up with ...


It's kludgy, but you could query point geometries into geography SELECT Geography::STPointFromText('POINT(' + CAST(geomcol.STX AS Varchar(20)) + ' ' + CAST(geomcol.STY AS Varchar(20)) + ')', 4326).STDistance(...)

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