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Load the two files Go to Vector Layer Properties on the Shapefile Click Joins > + Choose the second (dbf) layer as Join Layer Choose the appropriate fields to join on (unificationstring in both comboboxes) Optional: Save the shapefile to a new one which will have the joined attributes attached.


@iriberri is there a way to limit the geocode only for United States subset. I would like to use like a bounding box for the query. Because if I type zipcode: 92023 this goes to Sicilia, Italy instead to Encinitas, CA, US


try wikimapia. you can search by rural route number, city name, postal code etc. If someone has put any of this info on wikimapia, you can get coordinate from there. you can import wikimapia info into google earth by a simple utility tool (ge.kml) which you can download for free from www.wikimapia.org/ge.kml. Open ge.kml in google earth where you can pan ...

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