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The previous answer recommends using a script from the Movable Type site, but when checking that site more carefully we find that they now provide another solution that is simpler, and that also works near (and at) the Poles and the dateline: Their new solution is based on n-vectors ...


Actually I found one here!!!!


From my experience at a place where I used to work, they used a company that placed GPS units with cellular modems that were also attached to other vehicle sensors. The unit was programmed to send its location and sensor information over the cellular network to the company's server every 5 minutes I believe. The reason this was done is because they charged ...


IT is indeed done by cellular network, the gps device came gprs enabled which consistently send data to the configured server port which has listner program consistently running which then receive,parse and store data to database which can then be use to show live data or history of vehicle, and when there is no network availability data is cached by gps ...


An all encompassing list of this information may be hard to find. One option would be to compile your own list using a site like or using something like Google Earth. Just zoom in close and record the lng/lat coordinates.


Here are a few sites you may want to check out:

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