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Now I will remember to always check the Enabled field. The solution was to create a new field, type short with enabledDomain and coded value 1 which stands for True a value. Thanks for your help, now everything is working well.


The enabled field is a flag field which enables or disables an edge within the network. A disabled edge would be as if there was nothing there. This is all discussed in the help file here... As you noted the working version is a boolean field with a domain, so a valid network. Your other data I guess has been exported at some point and the person who did ...


As commented by @MichaelMilesStimson: I've always found in a right pain to edit inside a geometric network. In order to re-model connectivity is necessary to break, move and then reconnect. There are also times when you'd like to move a line over another without breaking it. Usually I would edit without the benefit of a topology or network and ...

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