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There are several ways to achieve this. You could build a coverage dataset, it's attribute table will store the logic of the network. You could download ArcHydro and this too will extract out the logical network. For the record you should always mention which license version of ArcGIS you have as this dictates the solution.


Ok, so what I wound up doing was very similar to my pseudo code in my question. I was able to programatically create Points at the ends an middle of the selected water main feature... Then use those points to programmatically add the barriers and start flag to the geometric network. The revised pseudo-code of my solution is: User selects water mains User ...


Late but here is a suggestion. You can call Trace Geometric Network geoprocessing tool from ArcObjects and you can pass any IFeatureLayer in it as flags or barriers. You should be able to create a point on selected water main using ICurve.QueryPoint and save this point to IFeatureLayer and use it as a flag. If you have some layer in your network which ...

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