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You have to convert the geometry as wkt and also you have to select Text, unlimited length (text) as Output field type, because the output wkt is not an integer:


If we look at postgis source code(geography,geometry) we see that the function ST_DWithin is defined as: CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION ST_DWithin(geom1 geometry, geom2 geometry, float8) RETURNS boolean AS 'SELECT $1 && ST_Expand($2,$3) AND $2 && ST_Expand($1,$3) AND _ST_DWithin($1, $2, $3)' LANGUAGE 'sql' IMMUTABLE; the ...


You can use the function ST_SRID to get the spatial reference identifier. To get the distance between points you can use the function ST_DISTANCE.


It can be accomplish, by using a python package named shapely. Eg: shapely.affinity.rotate(ring,degres,origin='centroid',use_radians=False)

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