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Thanks for your script Alex, very nice! I saw a small issue, since relies on several geoprocessing tools that run for each row: Create Table > Add Field > Cursor to Insert Rows > Bearing Distance To Line > Append > Delete Table > Delete Lines >>> Reiterate for next row. It took 10 secs per feature for me. Since, I needed to process around 18,000 features ...


Here's a script I put together. The script uses your point and your line feature class, and outputs a new line feature class of line features as desired. The basic steps: Iterate through points Create a buffer around each point Create East-West line from each point. This will be used to slice your buffer in half Create point north of each input point. This ...


Well, another solution (better than last approach) is to REMOVE any kind of geometry from "those non-spatial" features with GeometryRemover transformer. So, with that, there will be the possibility to write into the shape file Writer properly. Thanks all for your ideas.


I use interface IFeatureEdit (or IFeatureEdit2). If you use method Split from interface IFeatureEdit, it will splits your feature, you will get 2 features. All of them will be new feature. (I mean 2 new Object IDs). However, if you use interface IFeatureEdit2, with method SplitWithUpdate, it is advance. We can get 2 features, but one is old feature and ...

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