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I'm guessing the CSW you are querying has 'http://localhost:8080' set as it's host in the CSW configuration. OWSLib's CSW support does a GetCapabilities request by default to get this information. You can use the skip_caps=True parameter to bypass this: csw = CatalogueServiceWeb(geonetwork, skip_caps=True) which means OWSLib will always use the URL you ...


You should replace : myquery = PropertyIsEqualTo('csw:AnyText', 'été') with: myquery = PropertyIsEqualTo('csw:AnyText', u'été') The prefix indicates a unicode string : 3.1.3. Unicode Strings


After I got several different error messages, it seemed that the folder target could not be created during the build (there were no errors on failed creation of the directory). So the build failed due to missing permissions and I built with sudo, which worked fine.


You changed the right files (.less files), but to see them visible you need to add debug parameter (?debug) or before launch delete all wro4j* files.

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