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This problem occurs if you are using proxy, but this class is not properly using proxy settings. You must change and compile it and use this new GetMap.class file.


I don't know about Geonetwork 2.10.4, but in Geonetwork 3, there is setting: Allow editing on harvested records: Enables/Disables editing of harvested records in the catalogue. By default, harvested records cannot be edited. Maybe better solution for old Geonetwork: Another option would be to assign the harvested records to the local catalog and ...


I'm guessing the CSW you are querying has 'http://localhost:8080' set as it's host in the CSW configuration. OWSLib's CSW support does a GetCapabilities request by default to get this information. You can use the skip_caps=True parameter to bypass this: csw = CatalogueServiceWeb(geonetwork, skip_caps=True) which means OWSLib will always use the URL you ...


You should replace : myquery = PropertyIsEqualTo('csw:AnyText', 'été') with: myquery = PropertyIsEqualTo('csw:AnyText', u'été') The prefix indicates a unicode string : 3.1.3. Unicode Strings

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