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In most cases, the saved GCP file will be of no value. It works to georeference a raster that has no CRS, addressing pixels and lines. The usual workflow is to save the raster in a format that stores the CRS information inside the file (like geotiff). Using a vrt file would be possible too, but needs some handwork. Once the geotiff has its own CRS ...


You can't add basemaps into ArcScene from Adding an ArcGIS Online basemap into ArcGlobe Note that none of the online basemaps will work in ArcScene. You could work around this by clipping or exporting a basemap as an image and adding the image to your ArcScene. I would, however, recommend you look into using ArcGIS Pro rather than ArcScene. ArcGIS ...


As mentionned above, the georeferencing tool is probably your best bet (under raster|georeferencer). Although it is, perhaps, more commonly used to warp images with unknown projection (or no projection at all, such as historical maps), it will work in your case. I would try something like that: Load a base map (if you do not have one, one of the web maps -...


The plugin is installed by default, but for strange reasons it might get deactivated in the plugin manager. Checking the square left to the plugin name, or double-click on the plugin name will enable the plugin permanently.

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