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Could be interesting to experiment with these extensions: Imagine Objective for automated feature extraction and Easytrace for semi-automated feature extraction functions. enter link description here


Follow these steps: Download a us counties shapefile. Here's one that will work. Import the zipped UScounties file into CartoDB as a new table. Change the fips column's data type to number. (click on the word 'string' right below 'fips' and select number). Click the merge tables button on the right side of the tool bar when you are in data view. Choose ...


Because of the way the BoM appears to produce those images, the "content" will always be in the same locations in geographic space, and in the same location in pixel space. So you should be able to use a Leaflet JS image overlay, specifying whatever turns out to be the equivalent of the outer bounds of the source PNG for the imageBounds argument. An ...


Georeferencing is a process where you define which coordinates your image covers. It'll write in the coordinate system of the data frame. Therefore, it does not specify which coordinate system you use, only which coordinates it covers. The tool Define projection (under Data Management --> Projections and transformations) can be used on both vector and ...

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