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I recommend the Vector Bender plugin for QGIS. I tried it and it works fine and is user friendly. Depending on amount of pair of points that you define, you can either do: translations: translation from one starting to ending point (1 pair) uniform: translation, scaling and rotation (2 pairs) bending: additional deformation (3 pairs or more) You find a ...


As you've probably discovered, copying tables from a PDF and pasting into a spreadsheet doesn't work very reliably; Libreoffice seems to have a better chance of parsing the table and creating a usable spreadsheet (that you could then save as CSV or open directly in QGIS). More reliably, use SmallPDF.com's PDF to Excel converter (or PDF to Word for ...


I was not able to dublicate your example. Using the same projection settings the dialoog completes with no errors. What option did you choose at the previous step? are you making a rational model or a polynomial? I would choose projection D000 (WGS84 meters, in PCI) and not E012 which is rather the datum than the projection.

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