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As you've probably discovered, copying tables from a PDF and pasting into a spreadsheet doesn't work very reliably; Libreoffice seems to have a better chance of parsing the table and creating a usable spreadsheet (that you could then save as CSV or open directly in QGIS). More reliably, use SmallPDF.com's PDF to Excel converter (or PDF to Word for ...


I was not able to dublicate your example. Using the same projection settings the dialoog completes with no errors. What option did you choose at the previous step? are you making a rational model or a polynomial? I would choose projection D000 (WGS84 meters, in PCI) and not E012 which is rather the datum than the projection.


I'm not specialist in diseases but have to deal sometimes species abundance distributions (SAD) with co-variables, which is methodically similar to the to disease mapping (see topic 5 at the end). Risk mapping for diseases is a common task in science and statistics. The mapping context (in terms of making maps) is not so in the technical focus, because ...


When modelling the distributions of species, may they be animals or plants, fuzzy overlays are typically used. For an introduction into habitat suitability modelling, I suggest you take a look at GISLounge - Overview of Fuzzy Logic Site Selection in GIS. As Michael has already pointed out correctly, you will need more than one criterion (in your case ...

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