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If I understood your question right, what you are trying to do is an aggregate union of a Django GeoQuerySet. There are functions for this that are easier to use and probably more efficient than the loop from you question. You have two options: there is the collect command, which creates one multipolygon collection without dissolving the boundaries, and the ...


Windows users must download an executable installer like it says in the Shapely README.


How did you install Shapely ? Shapely is not just a pure Python module, it has some "extras" (extensions written in C,C++, from the GEOS library, that need to be compiled and linked before being used, with the Cython module). This compilation can be done at several stages (pip, easy_install or running python setup.py) but Windows doesn't come with a ...


Read "preserve topology" as "don't let polygon rings intersect other rings." At some point (~1/15th the number of original points in your case) the algorithm can't simplify any further without invalidating one or more parts of the multipolygon. It's possible that some tricky parts of the multipolygon are holding the others up. You could try simplifying its ...

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