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Stackexchange is not the best place to discuss issues (works better for questions), please report on the geoserver-users mailing list.


Esri has announced for the next ArcGIS-server version (10.3.1) support of SOI (server object interceptor). You find some informations about it in this pdf: http://proceedings.esri.com/library/userconf/proc14/tech-workshops/tw_689.pdf You can also check this video which includes complete explications and a demo of a watermark example: ...


ESRI has a help article on adding a watermark to a map service. If you have a web app that consumes the service you could easily add a watermark to the app. Here is an example of doing that with the JavaScript API.


Here is what I do: In your GeoServer content.ftl file (explained here FTL), add a hidden list item like this: <li style="display:none";>popup</li> You can change the key word 'popup' to anything you like. You will be searching for this word in you popup javascript. This word will only appear in the getFeatureInfo request if there is a feature ...


You can switch to infoformat=application/json so you will get a json response from Geoserver. Then just check how many features are returned and if features.length>0 is true show the popup otherwise not. For this solution you will have to create a table from the json-response. You could do something like that: set infoformat in your ...

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