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I'm guessing, but I'm going to say it's finite. But really, you should ask how many users do I need as a realistic max, and can GeoServer handle that. I reckon that number is pretty high, but maintenance of users might be tricky. Asking if a software product can handle an infinite number of users is a pretty vague question, really.


Definately it can be done, if you have styled your layer with the correct symbology then geoserver will just render that sld. On the question of it appearing in getfeature info look at geoserver templates which allows you to customise the how your get feature info behaves


Polygon layers by default do not stay the same size when zooming further out because they represent an area. The only aspect that you will see for smaller polygons when zoomed out is just the outline. If you still want to represent the feature when zoomed far out one option would be to add a <PointSymbolizer> within the sld that will turn on at x ...


You say you're getting code from that site, but you're creating new code with errors in it. The error message you're getting here is 'AttributeError: 'str' objetcs has no attribute 'workspace'' This is because you pass in an argument to the method you've created: publish_featuretype("self" name="Layername", store="store_name", native_crs="4326", ...

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