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POLYGON((-90.89 46.67,-90.89 46.67,-90.89 46.67,-90.89 46.67,-90.89 46.67)) Looks like WKT. If it is, you can convert features/layers/geojson to WKT using Wellknown or Wicket-Leaflet


Finally, iant's answer led me to the goal. For completeness I post what I have done: After creating the datasource, main information on the WFS layers are known to geoserver. So I only had to do POST /geoserver/rest/workspaces/my_workspace/datastores/my_datastore/featuretypes with the name of the WFS layer, I wanted to publish ...


You have to create a FeatureType before you can create a Layer (i.e. publish it). If you have already created a test layer then fetch the feature type of that one (like http://geoserver.ianturton.com/rest/workspaces/topp/datastores/bgs/featuretypes/test_uk_625k_mapped_feature.xml) but you should be able to delete quite a lot of that and leave it for ...


One of your datastores (cresh:datazones_totkm2sc7) has failed for some reason (it's off the end of the log you've included) - which may be that you've run out of connections, the network blipped... try restarting geoserver and see what happens if you can't see an obvious reason that that datastore is off line.

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