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I would advise creating a shapefile of image boundaries using QGIS and the Image Boundary Plugin. The following screenshot shows the results of using the plugin on 4 geotiffs.


There are many solutions for your question, some more suitable than others based on constraints such space/memory available in your servers. The client side looks like simple because you do not want to overlay any other layer at this moment, so leaflet or openlayers can help you. The server side is a bit trick, since you need to decide how to provide your ...


Another option you could explore is using Tilemill to generate tiles from your GeoTIFFs. You can then just put the tiles on a webserver and call them using Leaflet. No need to set up databases or middleware. Basically you load the GeoTIFFs into TileMill and export it as MBTiles. This is MapBox's format for storing the tiles in a SQLite database. You then ...

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