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I am fairly sure that the error is associated with the FUN argument. R is case sensitive and the argument in extract is lowercase "fun". To understand how this works I would break down the components of the analysis rather than letting the extract function do all the heavy lifting. Understanding the specific components, in particular the resulting list ...


Install OpenJUMP and study what all has been gathered into it I have never really understood what all the alternatives are. ImageIO-ext is probably utilising native GDAL binaries if such are available but at least most other alternatives are pure java. There is also one more alternative in OpenJUMP called "Sextante raster" which is also pure java. ...


Under Settings -> Options, CRS tab, enable Prompt for CRS for new layers. Then you will be asked explicitely for the CRS, which should be the same as you georeferenced to in Arcgis. You might get a datum shift of up to 100m, as this is not stored by Arcgis. But QGIS has bundled the shift with the common projection definitions.

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