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I had same problem. I solved the problem. My solution: StringBuffer tmpStr = new StringBuffer(); tmpStr.append("ID,date,tstamp,X_prj,Y_prj,NEAR_FID,NEAR_DIST\n"); SimpleFeature f = null; int index = 0; String ID = null; while(simpleFeatureIterator.hasNext()){ f = simpleFeatureIterator.next(); index = f.getID().lastIndexOf('.'); ...


HttpServletRequest request=...; org.geotools.xml.parser.Parser parser = new Parser(new org.geotools.wfs.v1_1.WFSConfigration()); TransactionType tt = (TransactionType) parser.parse(request.getReader()); InsertElementType insert1 = (InsertElementType) tt.getInsert().get(0);

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