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Yes, use ST_GeometryN eg, select st_astext(st_geometryn(st_geomfromtext( 'MULTILINESTRING ((10 10, 20 20, 10 40),(40 40, 30 30, 40 20, 30 10))'),1)); yields LINESTRING(10 10,20 20,10 40). Note, the indexing is based off 1. You could also loop through each one and test for equality, using generate_series to create the indexes, eg, select ...


I'm not sure if there is a built in function that does that but you could make your own by testing if a small circle/square around your point intersects a street feature. It is likely that if you even super close to a road, numerical error would creep in and no amount of testing would say a point is EXACTLY ON a segment. (unless it was a vertex point)


I guess you added in your classpath gt-epsg-postgres instead of gt-epsg-hsql? Delete gt-epsg-postgresql-11.0.jar from your classpath and add gt-epsg-hsql-11.0.jar into it. EDIT(Inspired by comments): For making the answer more understandable for others: GeoTools was set to store the EPSG projection database into PostgreSQL database. The default is to use a ...

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