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It's on both sides. I suppose you want the one the majority of the distance is on. Assuming only a single point of intersection, you'd first need to split the line at the intersection and take the length of both sides. Once you know which side is longer, take any point on that side. Next, you need to determine what segment of the main line the ...


I'm not sure if there is a built in function that does that but you could make your own by testing if a small circle/square around your point intersects a street feature. It is likely that if you even super close to a road, numerical error would creep in and no amount of testing would say a point is EXACTLY ON a segment. (unless it was a vertex point)


I guess you added in your classpath gt-epsg-postgres instead of gt-epsg-hsql? Delete gt-epsg-postgresql-11.0.jar from your classpath and add gt-epsg-hsql-11.0.jar into it. EDIT(Inspired by comments): For making the answer more understandable for others: GeoTools was set to store the EPSG projection database into PostgreSQL database. The default is to use a ...


DataStoreFinder is depricated in new versions. And the tutorial you mentioned is an old tutorial. You can code in the following manner: String getCapabilities = "http://localhost:8081/geoserver/wfs?REQUEST=GetCapabilities&version=1.0.0"; Map connectionParameters = new HashMap(); connectionParameters.put("WFSDataStoreFactory:GET_CAPABILITIES_URL", ...

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