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Answer can be found from the official specification http://www.esri.com/library/whitepapers/pdfs/shapefile.pdf. All the non-Null shapes in a shapefile are required to be of the same shape type. The values for shape type are as follows: Value Shape Type 0 Null Shape 1 ...


A shapefile does not support mixed geometry. A shapefile either consists of points, polylines or polygons, but not more than one. See this article for more: Shapefiles


Usually you would ask the features to give you their schema using: SimpleFeatureType schema = collection.getSchema(); You can then use that to generate the Oracle schema to write the data into.


I gave up trying to find a maven repository to resolve the classes that geoserver's example POM file shows as well as a general way find either geotools or geoserver's correct current maven repository information when I ran into monstrosities such as this because I did not want to download / develop against all of geoserver's sources. I ended up downloading ...


FIDs are unique to a feature in a datastore. Thus you shouldn't be setting the FID yourself, especially not when dealing with a shapefile where they are hard coded. The correct answer if you need to refer to the same feature in different datastores is to provide your own attribute that you control which will be the same in each place that you store or ...

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