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Ciao, I would check this page http://docs.codehaus.org/display/GEOTOOLS/Raster+Symbolizer+support Simone.


A couple of options: Convert the PostGIS layer to a shapefile in QGIS (save-as), then use the Vector|Conversion|Rasterize tool; Use the gdal_rasterize command directly. For the second option: gdal_rasterize -a VAL -ts [x] [y] PG:'host=localhost dbname=DB user=USER' -sql "SELECT the_geom, VAL FROM table" out.tif Where: VAL = the value to assign ...


You could try the Rasterize tool in QGIS (Raster - Conversion)


This can be solved by making a negative buffer (0.5m) for each geometry before testing the overlap. E.g. you have this two overlaping polygons, 1m overlap: By making a negative buffer (-0.5m) of the blue polygon you'll get the yellow one: And this are the two buffered polygons: Running the binary predicate test in JTS test builder, you'll get no ...

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