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Ciao, if you use a standalone GeoWebCache you can have a single tile layer backe by multiple WMS. Check this post for more information: http://www.geo-solutions.it/blog/tips-tricks-geowebcache-tweaks-checklist/ If you use integrated GeoWebCache (integrated with GeoServer) then you may need to enable clustered diskquota support. Check the links below: ...


Yes, you can use one GeoWebCache installation which caches map layers from several GeoServer instances. I assume you read the documentation at: http://geowebcache.org/docs/1.5.1/introduction/whichgwc.html ? If you use the standalone version, you have to define all layers manually whereas an integrated version takes automatically all defined layers from ...


Just set up GWC on a machine and point it to the loadbalancer that controls access to your GeoServers. Then each tile request will be sent to the next available GeoServer in exactly the same way as your users are currently. You should probably read this series of posts before going much further.

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