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Replace propertyName: "name1,name2,name3", with: vendorParams: { propertyName: "name1" }


As per @iant's comment. The following URL on the geoserver docs says it all: WMS GetFeatureInfo requests will be passed to the remote WMS. If the remote WMS supports the application/vnd.ogc.gml format the request will be successful. You can check available formats in the XML output on your GetCapabilities URL:


The problem is that your map is in EPSG:3857 and your getFeatureInfo request is in EPSG:4326. This will work in the sense that no error is thrown because the WMS is stateless and has no idea that the two requests are related but the location of your click is "off" because getFeatureInfo works by "drawing" the map as requested and looking for the feature ...

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