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Quantitative vs. qualitative is a characteristic of the data. A heatmap is always a visualization of quantitative data (a count of events or entities). Your friend's objection that this visualization is "qualitative" is perhaps motivated by his recognition that the underlying data are inconsistently sampled, and that therefore the "data quality" is poor, and ...


Interesting question. It all depends on what you are measuring as a "use of space". It seems that the time the device is asleep is actually the most consistent and constant use of a single space, if you include sedentary states as a use of space. But it sounds like the device won't measure that. But if you discount sedentary states and define that as not ...


QGIS and ArcGIS will both convert directly between two projected coordinate systems. Internally, there may be some extra conversions to WGS84 or latitude/longitude on the input or output CRS but you don't need to handle it yourself. Please note that UTM is part of a projected coordinate system and a UTM zone can be based on many different geographic ...


You can go straight from NAD 1983 State Plane California -> UTM => export to .xyz. No need to go to WGS84. When you reproject to UTM, make sure you deal with the Datum correctly if it is NAD27.

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