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On the FME side of things you need to add a DateFormatter transformer into your workspace. Use it to convert the source date (20140522000000.000) to ISO DateTime (2014-05-22T00:00:00) Also make sure the GML Writer is set to use a DateTime for the output, and not a char field:


MS SQL server Create new table or add new column. Use STGeomFromWKB to convert WKB to Geometry , then in FME do following. Add "MS SQL spatial reader" , point it to correct table ( You can do this with SQLExecute too , that eliminates need for table containing geometry type and you can just use something like SELECT STGeomFRomWKB(wkb) as geom , id from xxx ...


I finally ended up write my own parser in python to parse the polygon string returned by sql server. Note that the simplekml library and the xml.etree library are used. from xml.etree import ElementTree import simplekml def ParsexmlString(xmlstring): rxml = ElementTree.fromstring(xmlstring) drivetime = rxml.find('./Polygons/').get('duration') ...

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