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Got it working using the fmi package in R. https://github.com/rOpenGov/fmi/blob/master/vignettes/fmi_tutorial.md


Have you tried the fmi R package from rOpenGov? This is an example partly from their tutorial and ran for me just fine: install.packages(c("devtools", "sp", "rgdal", "raster")) # if you haven't library(devtools) install_github("rOpenGov/rwfs") install_github("rOpenGov/fmi") library(fmi) library(sp) apiKey <- "ENTER YOUR API KEY HERE" request <- ...


If you're interested in INSPIRE data (as per your tag) then you should look at the INSPIRE site, for example INSPIRE xml schemas would seem a good place to look. These though aren't samples, they are actual schemas that data providers need to follow. If you're interested in Geology then you should look no further than GeoSciML. If you're after Geography ...

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