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it is unlikely that you will be able to batch download all of Google Data. However, you can tap into Google Data using the Google Places API. If you are interested in OpenStreetMap use Overpass Turbo zoom to your area of interest with the Mapview port as the area you will download using the Bounding Box code: node ({{bbox}}); out; Of course this ...


I have been using MapRight. It is web based with iOS apps, and it is extremely easy to use. It combines parcel data with powerful mapping and presentation functionalities.


I use GADM / DIVA-GIS's downloads: Also provides other basic data types; administrative areas, inland water, roads, rail, elevation, land cover, population, monthly climate, gazette (cities etc) various vector/raster formats. All can be used in QGIS. Of course the OpenStreetMap has the data ...


If you use QGIS, download the plug-in named MMQGIS. There's is an option to Google Maps KML export. It is quite simple.

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