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You can try ncWMS (http://www.resc.rdg.ac.uk/trac/ncWMS/). This project aims to publish netCDF data as WMS services. Meteorological data on web mapping is always a challenging task due to size and frequency of data available. Solutions will probably involve a mix of server size ...


I was able to reach the author of Shp2kml 14 September 2014 and reported the problem with the "The the license for this tool has expired" message (something I first ran into several months ago). On 15 September 2014, he uploaded a newer version of the file and the expired license error no longer exists. The program's "About" screen shows the following, ...


QGIS supports DXF through OGR. It's a bit of a minefield, though, as the format isn't clearly defined. Can you export your model in any other format than SketchUp SKP? QGIS is a traditional “2½D” GIS system, so 3D models would be represented as 2D with elevation as an attribute at each node.

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