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The bridge is there both in the image but draped over google earth terrain and as a 3D structure. Turn on 3D building. Note that Google does not allow users to upload their 3D models (previously possible to create and upload with SketchUp a tool now owned by Trimble). The existing 3D buildings and structures have not (YET) been removed, but now new ...


Check out the Overpass Turbo API. Use the wizard to simply search for your desired OpenStreetMap routes using their location or the route's osm-id and then press the export-tab. There you can choose "KML" as an export format.


The coordinates of your bounding box seem to be at equivalent locations on "default" projected basemaps in Google Earth, ArcScene, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Online. That makes sense based on my understanding: these projections are equivalent (EPSG:3857) and all use the WGS84 Datum (EPSG:4326). Although we're dealing with KML ("Google") data, the ...


If you haven't, try Arc's Layer to KML conversion. I know it retains some symbology, but don't if it'll do the patterns. Worth a try, though.


From KML LineString help: coordinates (required) Two or more coordinate tuples, each consisting of floating point values for longitude, latitude, and altitude. The altitude component is optional. Insert a space between tuples. Do not include spaces within a tuple. Remove the spaces within your coordinates. This works: <Placemark> ...


You may have a look at here. In fact it is a good alternative to GE!


Instead of a gnomonic projection, you can use an azimuthal equidistant projection on one of your points as well. See my example workflow here: great circles in QGIS and export in 3857 webmap

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