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I think you may need to process this file yourself - either manually, or by writing a script to automate the extraction. If you rename the file GMRT.kmz to GMRT.zip you can open it in WinZip or similar, and see its contents. This includes the file doc.kml, which contains a number of Links - examining the first link shows a URL: <Link> ...


That loads two raster layers in Google Earth. I don't think QGIS (through GDAL) supports reading that KMZ (not a KML) because of it. ogrinfo below can't recognize the geometry, even with the libkml (google) driver. ogrinfo -ro -so GMRT.kmz -al ERROR 1: ERROR Parseing kml Style: No id ERROR 1: ERROR Parseing kml Style: No id INFO: Open of `GMRT.kmz' ...

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