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You can use the Proj4 converter: http://trac.osgeo.org/proj/ Yes, it is a converter but you can convert bulk coordinates. Create a simple text file (let's say sweref99.txt) with the coordinates, e.g. 606905.22 6970515.93 635765.54 7223101.41 In order to convert all coordinates from this file the command is like this: cs2cs +init=epsg:3006 +no_defs +to ...


Looking at GDAL autotests, I see only the refresh token is defined. As far as I understand the code, the access token will be automatically got from the refresh token (since the access token is apparently renewed from the refresh token, so it is not practical setting its value directly). So try to undefine the access token ("GFT:" as connection string), and ...


To solve my issue, I had to use the debug option in the command ogr2ogr --config CPL_DEBUG ON -f GFT "GFT:access=<authorization token>" ~/countries.shp The returned output was Shape: DBF Codepage = LDID/87 for countries.shp Shape: Treating as encoding 'ISO-8859-1'. OGR: OGROpen(france.shp/<persistent_session_code>) succeeded as ESRI Shapefile. ...


Your data is in LAT/LON (WGS84) but the X and Y columns are in a projected coordinate system, likely something like UTM or State Plane. So all you have to do is create 2 new columns for the Lat and Lon, and populate them like this: How do I calculate the latitude and longitude of points using QGIS?


The KML did not want to have the 'CellID' as a naming convention, a simple change to 'Name' worked just fine.


If Google docs is using googles web Mercator projection and accuracy in the range of +-5m is needed you should read this to understand this aspect of your challenge. https://alastaira.wordpress.com/2011/01/23/the-google-maps-bing-maps-spherical-mercator-projection/


I know this post was from a while ago, but we ran into the same problem so we went off and built it as a premium service for our Google Maps enterprise offering. Needless to say it is a paid solution, so I am not going into a marketing pitch on a technical forum. However, this was one of the first posts that I found when I was actually looking fora ...

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