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Hm, ok, let's make a proper answer from my comment: Google Fusion allows you to import data from a number of sources, including csv and kml. But as far as I understand, it only understands plain data tables during csv-import. When you exported your geometry as a csv-file, QGIS used the Well-Known Text-Format to represent it in one of your table's fields ...


This problem is known as Too many markers. See this article: https://developers.google.com/maps/articles/toomanymarkers for possible solutions. They list a few.


I had a similar problem and used a kml parser (geoxml3) to locally parse a kml. I later ended up storing each kml file as a database table and looping through the records to plot a polygon. Loading the kml from a server was the slowest of all.


I used the data you posted and either in the online converter and Qgis and the point you provide is near Richardson Mountains. In Qgis I reprojected your data from EPSG 26908 to EPSG 4326 and I get 68.50121961467 N -136.461671545174W Using the online converter I get: 68.50122386 N -136.46118269 W They are almost the same. This is what I did a) I ...

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