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There are a variety of approaches you could take, including: Save your map as a KML file, open that file in QGIS, and save as gpx. Use an online converter like GPS Visualizer. You can paste your map's URL directly into the tool as presented in this tutorial. Other possible converters include GMapToGPX, TakeItWithMe, and several others available via search. ...


Could you try setting the clickable attribute to true? polygons.push( new google.maps.Polygon({ paths: arr, strokeColor: '#FF0000', strokeOpacity: 0.8, strokeWeight: 1, fillColor: '#FFF000', fillOpacity: 0.8, clickable: true }) ); I don't remember if it's enabled by default.


With the v3 API you have to init a Directions Service, create a request and parse the returned Route object. Here is a Fiddle-Example on how to do the very basic: A button click calls the function calcRoute(), which creates a request with the minimum mandatory parameters from, to, mode and queries the service. If the service returns a route, it calls ...


Don't know about Google maps but you might try something like itouchmap.com or mapcoordinates.net. Also Excel has a mapping plug-in. I haven't used it for quite a while but I think you can get coordinates outputted to a spread sheet. Search for "Excel Power Map"


you should try to add restrictedExtent to map options.

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