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Disclaimer: I work for iGeolise (creators of the API). Without sending a lot of API calls to the Google API this will be difficult to do. You can use the TravelTime platform API to create drive time polygons on a map. I've attached an example of 2 hour drive time from Central London (we used Leaflet for the map, but it can be applied to any map) Depending ...


If you are looking for a KML viewer you can use ArcGIS Earth. It will give you the same look and feel as Google Earth but without knowing exactly what you data you are trying to display or the source and format of the data its hard to help you.


Be careful with the resolution (ppp) of your composition. the WMS, or another web maps service no OGC, have a limit of resolution, 96 dpi, 120 dpi or similar. Try to down this parameter.

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