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Drop OpenLayers plugin) Install QuickMapServices plugin for QGIS Go to plugin's options and get contributors pack of basemaps. These include some Google ones. Go to ~/.qgis2/QuickMapServices/Contribute/data_sources/google_traff and open metadata.ini in your text editor of choice. We'll use it as a template, in the future you can create a new one. Go to ...


Now, We can add WMS service with google map api v3. You can access here https://code.google.com/p/google-maps-api-with-wms-overlay/source/browse/


Try this geocoding api. It's free for small usage but if you want more they make you pay. It is cheap however and you could process that much easily, I process millions a month through them.


Use openshift. This way you can scale if/when you outgrow cartoDB


What you need is : System requirements Besides the OS version mentioned in the introduction, there are some systems requirements needed before starting with the installation of the stack. Also this process assumes that you have enough permissions in the system to run successfully most part of the commands of this doc. System locales Installations assume ...

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