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You can install the TileLayer plugin for QGIS, and add a line in the tiles.tsv file build from your example URL like this: Googlesv Googlesv|cb_client:apiv3&style=40,18&x={x}&y={y}&z={z} 1 0 20 -180 -85.0 180.0 85.0 Note that the file has to be TAB delimited. I get ...


Short answer: Avoid the OpenLayers Plugin. The plugin has only got few bugfixes lately, but no active development. As an alternative, try the new QuickMapServices plugin. For license reasons, it does not contain Google Maps by default. But you can activate them with Web -> QuickMapServices -> Settings -> More Sevices -> Get contributed pack.


Yes it can here is a video of heat index from Texas geothermal BHT using Google Earth view below the surface: You can also access the KML or KMZ files here: This link also has examples in Cesium using KMZ. This paper title includes two examples (earthquakes and geothermal) of ...

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