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Yes, always anticipate coordinates to fluctuate. Though the building is not likely to shift on the earth's surface, using coordinates as identifiers/keys for addresses is a bad idea because the data set is going to move from underneath you: Accuracy a matter of definition. Is an address most accurately pinned at its mailbox, or its largest structure, or ...


Add Glasgow to the search before entering G1. Search would be for example: "Glasgow G1"


Ok finally I found the solution with postGIS st_translate select id, st_translate(geom, -0.00045, -0.00073) from tmp_che_adm3 The most important part is to find the correct offset in degrees. I think, for simply move geometries in XY is faster than qgsaffine


Since all the other countries seem to match, the problem seems to be with the swisserland data. Check again if u have set the right coordinate system for the layer. If it checks out, its probably a faulty dataset. If u know the offset, you could try to reproject the layer with the qgsaffine plugin. Martin Update on how to use it: -Install the plugin, you ...

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