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Layer>Save As (Select KML) [Data is in OSGB36 Ordnance Survey GB] Open in Google Earth to check it is in the correct position


Most GIS desktop software apps have ability to plot table or csv data based on lng/lat or x/y values to generate a point event layer. Event layers may then be exported to a GIS layer (e.g. shapefile), and then you may run a spatial analysis interpolation tool or script to create the raster surface similar to your link example. Finally, these raster layers ...


Create your own local server, kml file needs an http:// and then make sure the dashboard runs in firefox, google chrome could not display the data.


The 'maps' in Google Analytics' Dashboard come from Google Charts. You can find an example on how to use Google Charts's GeoCharts over here: https://developers.google.com/chart/interactive/docs/gallery/geochart

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