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I was using 2.2 until today and it started happening there. I uninstalled 2.2 and installed 2.6 hoping that would fix it. It did not. 2.6 said that the Openlayers plugin I had from 2.2 was not supported. I clicked the button to "Reinstall plugin". That didn't work either. Then I clicked "Uninstall plugin" and then "Install plugin". IT WORKED!


Have you tried ogr2ogr? It can import KML to PostGIS. It's part of the GDAL suite of FOSS tools Which have binaries here or you can compile your own http://trac.osgeo.org/gdal/wiki/DownloadingGdalBinaries Example in this question: How to import KML file, with custom data, to Postgres/PostGIS database?

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