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Your units are in decimal degrees and they should be in a projected coordinate system. If you still have the gps unit, you can change it to something like an appropriate UTM projection then download the coordinates and use those in your calculation.


I'm also searching for a really good way to do this... but in the meantime I do have a system which works OK. Slow but effective: Use the Openstreetmap editor JOSM. This is good at displaying GPX info. Use the plugin 'InfoMode'. This makes it easy to see the time data on the GPX track. Note exact times for the nodes which you want to edit/delete etc. Edit ...


And a free option is BR's EXIF extractor. Lovely little program that does the job well. It's been saying that it is in beta for a few years now. I've never had any issues with it. [edited to add link - Luke,thanks for the heads up]

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