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GDAl ogr2ogr should do what you want: ogr2ogr -f "GPX" -t_srs EPSG:4326 out.gpx in.shp Note that this will only work for line and point features. Polygons must be converted to lines before. You can use it for whole directories with a FOR loop depending on your operating system. For Windows, it should be something like for %%N in (D:\inputfolder\*.shp) ...


QGIS plugin: GPS Tools. (I don't remember now if you have to install this or if it's already loaded) QGIS menu: Vector | GPS | GPS Tools The GPS Tools window appears. On the 'Load GPX file' browse to the GPX file. Select the 'Waypoints' check box (you are telling QGIS what to extract from the file - one GPX file can contain all of these things, but they ...


Try MyGeoData Converter - allows to convert not only GPX and another GPS formats to various GIS formats - including ESRI ShapeFile of course...


My favorite has always been DNRGarmin from the Minnesota DNR. It is designed to work with ArcGIS but will work as a stand alone tool as well. http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/mis/gis/tools/arcview/extensions/DNRGarmin/DNRGarmin.html


You can add them to QGIS Add Vector Layer. then right click on the layer and select Save As with a Format of ESRI shapefile.


First you need to extract the information of your gps to gpx format. Usually I do it by using Easy GPS the free version of ExpertGPS. Once you have the gpx file you can load it in to Qgis using GPS tools (vector/gps/gpstools).Qgis will open the gpx file and will separate waypoints tracks and routes. Then a)rightclick on the waypoints and choose save as. ...


Use GDAL or (QGIS as suggested by Joseph) for the GPX to SHP conversion. Otherwise, there are commercial solutions such as expertGPS.


You can create or import routes on bikemap.net. After that, export them as GPX, load the GPX file in geojson.io, and save it as GeoJSON. You can add as many GPX files as you want to a single GeoJSON.


gpsbabel could be used to produce .srt subtitles for your video from .gpx (or any other supported) track file. Then you can play video with subtitles to get HUD

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