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It might be that false displaying applications don't respect <trkseg> correctly. If you add </trk><trk> to every trkseg change, it might come out correct. Otherwise you have to create a new GPX file for every <trkseg> using one trkseg per track and file.


If it is a gpx track, the points should be in order, so you can just walk the track and compare the timestamps of the two adjacent points and output point1id, point2id, deltatime fields to a table. You could actually do in python working directly on the gpx track without messing with qgis.


I Made a tutorial for my blog to help out with this. This uses the Garmin BaseCamp Software which is free to use. I cover how to join tracks, edit unwanted data out of tracks and how to reduce file size by filtering out unnecessary points. I hope this helps! http://outdooroutlier.blogspot.com/2015/05/how-to-edit-gpx-data-to-make-useable.html

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