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If I understand you, You need this


Unfortunately, No. There is no option to create a buffer for grid coordinate in print composer. It will be a good idea if this option can be added into QGIS. You can request such as option at QGIS github if you like.


Depends, what was the resolution on the dem when you generated it from your contour lines and how much do you trust thoses? Since you can set yourself the resolution and scr of your data (either when you interpolated it OR by resampling the whole thing afterwards) i'd say it all depends on how much you trust the sources you used to create it. From what i ...


There is a Make Grids And Graticules Layer tool that may enable you to do this: Creates a grouped layer of feature classes depicting grid, graticule, and border features using predefined cartographic specifications. Grid layers are ideal for advanced grid definitions which are scale and extent specific. I have not used this tool personally, so ...

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