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I think you would have to go by the directions that the latitude or longitude values are increasing. As long as the coordinate reference system being used is a easting, northing one, latitude values will increase upwards, in the map/page sense, in the northern hemisphere and downwards in the southern hemisphere. Similarly, longitude values will increase to ...


I am not aware of any tools similar to Ian's that have been written for QGIS (in fact all the tools I know of including commercial are specifically for ArcGIS). His script is written in Python though it does use arcpy, and his source and process description are pretty thorough. You might contact him via his blog (or he may chime in, he's on here) and he ...


For the ticking mentioned by Chris W, you can use the Station Lines Plugin: Note that the Station lines layers are memory layers. You have to save them to disk into another format to use them again.

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