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Maybe the CDB_RectangleGrid would work for you? Info about this function at http://docs.cartodb.com/tips-and-tricks.html#grid-visualization-functions


On the Reference System Properties dialog go to Labels tab -> Label Oriantation (bottom of dialog)


I got the solution. For creating a new grid we first need the bounding box and the pixel size to which it is to be changed. The below code would form a new grid of any resolution: #defining spatial grid data frame S=5 #scale to which it is to be converted psize<-psdeg[1]/S # psdeg is the pixel size of old grid bb<-c@bbox #bounding box where "c" ...


You can do: library(raster) d <- raster(c) dd <- disaggregate(d, 5)


You can adapt the function in the linked question. Divide the problem into two parts: Estimate the point spacing Create the points For step 1, divide ST_Area(geom) by the required number of points to get the area per point (I'm assuming n is large), then take the square root to get the separation. So, assuming you've chosen one implementation of ...


Here's a link to download the Create Grid Corner Points tool View the source code: click me Basically, for each polygon it gets it's extent, and then finds which vertex is closest to each corner of the extent. This really only works well for squarish shapes. It would not work on something shaped, for example, like a diamond. The output point feature class ...

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