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This worked for me - the solution was to use SpatialPixelsDataFrame with the suggested tolerance argument (0.916421 in your case): points <- SpatialPoints(s100_ras[,c('x','y')], s100_ras[,c('z')] pixels <- SpatialPixelsDataFrame(points, tolerance = 0.916421, points@data) raster <- raster(pixels[,'z']) though, due to the high tolerance value, the ...


I had some damaged GeoTiff files. What happened is that a person ran the GeoTiff through Photoshop. Photoshop and most other drawing problems ignore the GeoTiff part of the tiff file and wind up bashing the spatial information in the header. You do not say what tools you have available. What I did to fix the problem was to use the coordinates that I ...

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