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This is pretty bare bones but it'll get the job done. One thing to point out is that you can change a layer's name before you add it to the map document, so you don't have to ListLayers to find it in the TOC. The assumptions made by this code are: Every folder has at least one shapefile (otherwise you'll get some empty group layers) The folders have ...


You can group points using either the recursive query or PL/PLGSQL procedure described in the answers to this question. Just substitute ST_DWithin for ST_Intersects/ST_Touches, as appropriate. If you're comfortable trying something experimental, you could build PostGIS with purpose-built functions to solve this problem: see the ticket on trac (code ...


I think Districting extension will solve your problem. It's usually used for elections and territory planning for franchises. http://www.esri.com/software/arcgis/extensions/districting According to ESRI it accepts point data as well as polygons, yet I haven't tested it myself.

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