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It's pretty simple in ArcGIS Pro once you know where to go to do it. First- select your layer in the Contents tab on the left Then, go the Feature Layer Tab along the top and click on the drop down menu for Symbology. In there, select "Symbolize your layer by quantities" -> "Graduated Colors" Then from there, go to the Symbology tab on the left, and ...


You can perform a two step process where: you convert your polygons to points (make sure you tick keep centriods in polygons option to make sure the centriods are always located within the polygons) use either Kernel Density or the Hot Spot analysis function (Getis-Ord Gi*) which is nice as it gives you a statistical significance value to report.


Two Tools let you make heat maps in ArcGIS : Point Density and Kernel Density. None take polygons as an input. But you can get the same result with the Symbology of the polygon layer (Categories or Quantities).

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