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This is an answer to how you could design a heatmap. My suggestion is you look into the Quarter Degree Grid Cell system. QDGC represents a way of making (almost) equal area squares covering a specific area to represent specific qualities of the area covered. The squares themselves are based on the degree squares covering earth. Around the equator we have 360 ...


The value stored in a cell from a heatmap is often normalized by its area. In this case I would rather suggest an equal area projection so that you can easily aggregate to larger scale


Standard OSM tiles are in Spherical Mercator (SRID=3857) so it will probably be easiest to build your grid using the same projection. If you use SM, you might store the data at the highest zoom level OSM supports, or at the highest level zoom level you'll permit users to zoom into. If coverage is sparse, use a data structure along the lines of XIndex, ...

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