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I finally figured it out! Instead of the heatmapplugin I used the kernel density estimation algorithm: import processing processing.runandload("saga:kerneldensityestimation", "path/to/shapefile.shp", "name of the colums with weigths", radius, 0, 0, None, celsize, "path/to/raster.tif")


I think that could be related with the pane each layer is taking not the order you add to the map. In torque for gmaps we use CanvasLayer and it adds itself a overlaysPane (https://github.com/CartoDB/torque/blob/master/lib/torque/gmaps/CanvasLayer.js#L54), I guess changing the pane or zindex or the layer would work


Try increasing the resolution of your output grid. In the advanced section there's settings for rows and columns - try bumping these right up. This will lower the size of each pixel in the grid and should allow you to see the heatmap with a small radius.

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