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-r bilinear Did your hillshade worked if reprojected using gdalwarp -of GTiff -s_srs EPSG:4326 -t_srs EPSG:3857 -r bilinear input.tif reproj.tif ? It didn't for me. Resizing After some tests : data => hillshade : fine (good) data => resizing => hillshade : stripped (bad) data => resizing => reprojected => hillshade : stripped (bad) Commands for ...


The scale option is only needed for "unprojected" rasters with units in degrees. It is the ratio of height units used in the DEM (typically meters) to distance units in degrees. So for Mercator or other projected rasters, you can ignore the scale option, or use the default of 1 (no scale).


DEMs and Hillshades are two different things. DEMs are surfaces with elevation information. Hillshades are a visual representation of a shaded relief and the values are not dependent on the elevation itself but of the aspect and angle illumination, as you noticed from 0 to 254. If you'd like to represent a map with elevation data but using the visualization ...

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