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Using arrows is not an option defined in the current CSS of CartoDB, but bullets are defined here. You'd need to add them from the image uploader (IMG button) for legends in order to use them. Unfortunately, there are no arrows in the icon sets available, so you'll need to use your own images.


The route1Data you are trying to remove is not the original route data that was added. You need to declare your layer outside of vlocation. I modified vlocation to the follow and it adds and removes the layer in my fiddle. var currentRoute; function vlocation(locx, xx) { var vdatax = locx; if (currentRoute) map.removeLayer(currentRoute); if ...


Here are the screen shots of the final work. The webpage and part of the html code which i had to alter Thanks so much for the help.


1: The legend table has the granularity of the layer table. So: one entry in the table per layer. If you define an entry in legend_ico and legend_exp only the first line in the attribute table will be used. 2: legend_ico could contain one path like 'pictures/legend_1.jpg' with a local path for your image. You need to create the image either by hand or place ...


there are two different way you can try, 1) you need to host your web server to receive the file that client uploaded. The file will be processed in your server and return the geojson file to the front-end. here is an example (with php) http://www.w3schools.com/php/php_file_upload.asp then you will get a geojson file to show in ol3. 2) the other one ...

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